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Symposion's permanent collection showcases one-of-a-kind chanters from around the Aegean region and traditional Santorinian instruments sourced from the local community.

Our current exhibition offers a visual narrative of the renovation of our historic space.

We warmly welcome submissions for future exhibits, please take a look at Join + Give.


Tsabouna / Greek Bagpipe

A one of a kind exhibition of chanters showcases the ingenuity of instrument artisans from around the Aegean, highlighting the regional differences and the skill of the most well known craftsmen. Learn more >

Tsabouna / greek bagpipe
Traditional instruments of Santorini

Traditional Instruments of Santorini

Our private collection of vintage instruments from the island of Santorini have been played in festivals and merry making occasions for decades. Learn more >


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All of Santorini is an amalgamation of volcanic lava, epic landscapes and stark contrasts.

In order to know the "whole", Dimitra, loves to decompose it, to recompose it and praise its intelligent simplicity, both in the works of people and in the harmonious creations of nature.


A resident of Santorini by choice, after a long time of traveling on the 5 continents, from where her involvement in photography began.
Lover of the Cyclades, lover of everything beautiful in the smallest, simple and humble ways.



Το Όλον της Σαντορίνης είναι ένα Κράμα από ηφαιστιακή λάβα, επικά τοπία και έντονες αντιθέσεις.


Για να γνωρίσει το Όλον, η Δήμητρα, αγαπά να την αποσυνθέτει, να την επανασυνθέτει και να υμνεί την ευφυή απλότητά της, τόσο στα έργα των ανθρώπων, όσο και στα αρμονικά δημιουργήματα της φύσης.



Κάτοικος Σαντορίνηςαπό επιλογή, μετά από μακρόχρονη ταξιδιωτική δράση στις 5 Ηπείρους, από όπου ξεκίνησε και η ενασχόλησή της με την Φωτογραφία.

Λάτρης των Κυκλάδων, λάτρης κάθε τι ωραίου στα πιο μικρά απλά και ταπεινά.


Symposion before Symposion

Photography exhibition by Monique Limbos of Symposion in 2017, prior to the renovation.



2022 marks the 10 year anniversary of our cultural center.


In 2012 our center was honored to have Antonis Eleftherakis take the first photos that highlighted our project. He has continued to showcase our work for over a decade!

In honor of his devotion to our project, Antonis Eleftherakis will open the summer photo exhibition series at Symposion that is a tribute to the island of Santorini!


Thirteen photographs following the wine-making process, from pruning the vines to harvesting the fruit, by Antonis Eleftherakis.


BIO Antonis Eleftherakis

Antonis is born in Athens and is a professional photographer since 1977. In 1988 he creates his own photgraphic studio under the name of ABS studio in Kifissia/Athens and specializes in fashion and still photography.

By his personal touch and professionalism. Antonis gains the trust of the largest advertising companies like McCann Erickson, Adel Saatchi & Saatchi, Bold, Acumen, Tbwa Athens, Top ad, Abc, Publicis, as well as of the most important multinational clients like Loreal, Rilken , while his work is also published in famous fashion and life style magazines.

Today, Antonis has expanded his photograhic activity in the Aegean islands, splitting his time between his Athens studio and Santorini.

Couples all over the world choose the Greek islands as a wedding destination. Antonis experience in fashion photography combined with the inspirational scenery of the Aegean, contribute to create images of high quality and inventive aesthetics in Wedding Photography, a fundamental section of Antonis’ portfolio.

An additional expertise gained through the years is Architectual Interior Photography where Antonis’ sharp technical training contribute to produce photographic results of a very distinctive and recognisable style. The best hotels of Greece have chosen him to capture their unique athmosphere and refined elegance.

Antonis travels all over Greece for the needs of his clients, he is very trustworthy with respect to deadlines and is able to react at a very short notice. The highlights of his professionalism combined with his unique distinctive photographic style have managed to gain the respect of his peers and the appreciation of his customers.

The opening of the exhibition will accompany Marios Mariolas | Vocals & Guitar and Andreas Kioroglou | Guitar.

A music performance that focuses in Greek songs that will transform the night into a journey full of nostalgia and eroticism. Songs from Thivaios Ch, Kotsira G. and more.

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