The Flock


Join us and give of your skills, your creativity, your knowledge...or of your wish to learn more. Symposion wants to hear from those who would like to perform, learn to make and play traditional instruments, or share their creativity and time. 

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Perform at Symposion

We would love to hear from musicians interested in performing at Symposion. Would you like to perform in an atmospheric garden courtyard or a versatile internal chamber for a small but diverse audience? If so, please get in touch.


  • Sound System

  • Microphones/Stands

  • Lights

Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program

If you are on the island of Santorini and have time and curiosity to spare we invite you to join Yannis as an apprentice in his workshop. The position offers great rewards in instrument-making skills and related knowledge. 

Send us an email for more information

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We’d love you to join us at Symposion on a day-to-day basis. Volunteer for a day, a week, or a month! We are looking for people with excellent people skills and a keen interest in music and mythology! Sign up here.

Research in Apollonian Lyre

Music Lessons

Yannis offers private music lessons for all ages that include a variety of hand crafted instruments that he constructs in the workshop. 

No experience needed. 

"Music is a toy, that's why we say: I play" Y.P.

Send us an email for more information


Exhibit at Symposion

We’ve very interested to hear from artists interested in exhibiting at Symposion in the future. We are interested in works that relate to our overarching themes of music and mythology, in any media. Please contact us with your proposals and portfolios.

* Allow the nine muses to inspire you.

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BOULOUKI| is an interdisciplinary research collaborative, whose work is focused on the study of traditional building techniques and materials. In Greek Boulouki means “gaggle”, travelling group, a name evoking the tradition of travelling companies of stone masons and craftsmen. Its aim is to trace and document the living carriers of such traditional knowledge; to study and to further disseminate it through workshops and actual building projects which are organized in collaboration with local communities. Based upon these thematic axes, the group’s course of action includes conducting research, organizing workshops, conferences and cultural events; promoting projects in collaboration with local communities and their stakeholders.

Boulouki is organizing the programme 'Under the Landscape: Therasia 21-22', which sets at its core a 'hands-on' investigation over the knowledge behind the traditional 'theran' mortars, the cultural values underlying the cave structures and the landscape narrative of Therasia and Thera.

A threefold project on the agency of places in times of multiple crises.
A gathering of joint work, a participatory restoration project and an international symposium are the three parts of the program, which starts in spring 2021 and concludes in summer 2022.

To support one of their amazing projects "UNDER THE LANDSCAPE",  you can participate in the crowdfunding on the link below.