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Photographer George Tatakis Continues to Captivate with "Caryatis: Exhibition Beta" on Santorini Island.

Following the resounding success of his debut showcase, "Caryatis: Exhibition Alpha," acclaimed photographer George Tatakis returns with a new artistic chapter: "Caryatis: Exhibition Beta."

22 international awards


Event Details:
Opening Night: September 5, 19:00 - 23:00
Exhibition Duration: September 5 - October 25
Venue: Symposion Cultural Center, Megalochori, Santorini, Greece


Continuing his exploration of Greece's rich cultural heritage, George Tatakis presents an impressive array of eleven fresh works from the "Caryatis" project, complemented by three captivating pieces from his earlier "Ethos" project. This exhibition, hosted by the picturesque Symposion Cultural Center in Megalochori, Santorini, marks the second introduction of his comprehensive body of work.

With "Caryatis," Tatakis masterfully captures the allure of women's local costumes, painting a tapestry that spans eras. Each image narrates a story – an homage to Greece's past and a bridge to its future. This work has received 22 international awards.

Situated in the heart of Megalochori on Santorini, the Symposion Cultural Center offers an idyllic backdrop for this visual journey. Just as the island's beauty enchants, Tatakis' images transport viewers to a realm where tradition and art harmonize.

Embrace Tradition, Embrace Art, Embrace Greece

For media inquiries, interviews, and press materials, please contact:
George Tatakis
+30 6947 455 499

About George Tatakis:
George Tatakis has been creating images related to the traditions of Greece for the last eight years. His work is divided into two main sections: the early work "Ethos", which presents traditional events throughout Greece, and the later "Caryatis", which focuses on women's local costumes. His work is exhibited internationally in important cultural institutions and organizations (Museum of Hellenic Culture of the Benaki Museum in Athens, Fragonard Museum in Cannes, Somerset House in London, etc.) and published in local and international publishing media (New York Times, National Geographic, Leica’s LFI etc.). In his photographic career, he has received 22 international awards, and his archive is kept in the photographic archives of the Benaki Museum. He is represented by the international agency INSTITUTE Artist.

At the same time, the photographer maintains close cooperation with important educational and research institutions such as the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens through the deputy professor of Social Folklore Mrs Vasiliki Chrysanthopoulos and the Research Center of Greek Song through the Director of Research Mrs Paraskevi Kanellatos. One of his important collaborations with these researchers is his participation with his photographic-ethnographic material in the archive "Karpathiko Glendi" ( as an element of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage, registered in the National Index of Greece (Ministry of Culture & Sports, Directorate of Newer Cultural Heritage, Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Intercultural Issues) in the year 2019.

He has published two books:
1) “Throw away your camera & become a photographer,” an essay on the art of photography, which has garnered excellent reviews, including a five-star review from Readers’ favorite.
2) "OLYMPOS: From Karpathos island to Byzantium", a photo album about the tradition of Olympos Karpathos, in the cycle of the year and the cycle of life.

He studied Electrical Engineering and received his bachelor's and master's degrees from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. His love for art and photography along the way led him to change his profession in that direction.

"Caryatis: Exhibition Beta" George Tatakis | PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION

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