Traditional Greek songs, ancient melodies and original compositions.

Yiannis Pantazis - Wind & String instruments

Yannis Pantazis has been composing music and performing in Greece and internationally for over twenty years. In addition, he is a widely respected instrument artisan with a special interest in mythology and the role of music in Greece's past.


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Yannis Kouelis - Percussion instruments

Yannis Kouelis was born in 1977 in Athens. He grew up in Perama, and in 1996 he studied at the Democritus University Thrace, in the Department of Physical Education & Sports. At the age of 16 he started music lessons. He studied for 2 years at the conservatory of contemporary music R.S.I. (Rhythm Section Institute), with the master Greek drummer GEORGIO METALLINO, in the drum and percussion section, according to the standards of the American academies. After his studies, he worked at the Menelaos Sykakis conservatory of contemporary music in Komotini, in the drum-percussion department, while at the same time he participated professionally in music concerts of traditional, artistic, folk and rock music with the Rodopi Cultural Movement and the Komotini Youth Community, for 4 years. 
For the last 23 years, now based in Santorini, he has been participating in concerts - festivals (Ermoupoleia Syros, Strogyli Festival, Banyoles-Spain Festival, etc.) with various musical groups. He is a founding member of the EFKROTON percussion group and teaches drums and percussion at the KISIRIS MUSIC LAB.

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All of Santorini is an amalgamation of volcanic lava, epic landscapes and stark contrasts.

In order to know the "whole", Dimitra, loves to decompose it, to recompose it and praise its intelligent simplicity, both in the works of people and in the harmonious creations of nature.


A resident of Santorini by choice, after a long time of traveling on the 5 continents, from where her involvement in photography began.
Lover of the Cyclades, lover of everything beautiful in the smallest, simple and humble ways.



Το Όλον της Σαντορίνης είναι ένα Κράμα από ηφαιστιακή λάβα, επικά τοπία και έντονες αντιθέσεις.


Για να γνωρίσει το Όλον, η Δήμητρα, αγαπά να την αποσυνθέτει, να την επανασυνθέτει και να υμνεί την ευφυή απλότητά της, τόσο στα έργα των ανθρώπων, όσο και στα αρμονικά δημιουργήματα της φύσης.



Κάτοικος Σαντορίνηςαπό επιλογή, μετά από μακρόχρονη ταξιδιωτική δράση στις 5 Ηπείρους, από όπου ξεκίνησε και η ενασχόλησή της με την Φωτογραφία.

Λάτρης των Κυκλάδων, λάτρης κάθε τι ωραίου στα πιο μικρά απλά και ταπεινά.




Traditional music is unquestionably one of the fundamental pillars in the language of a people - for its originality, unpretentious beauty, effortless simplicity and pure expressive power. 

Aggelos Drossos, Michalis Markopoulos and Yannis Pantazis have been exploring the fundamental rhythms of Greek traditional music for the past ten years. With "PROMENADE IN TRADITION" they present an anthology of selected songs and musical compositions drawn from the archipelago of Greek musical heritage.

Aggelos Drosos  | vocals & cretan lyre 

Michalis Markopoulos  |  vocals & lute

Yiannis Pantazis  |  vocals, wind & percussion instruments

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