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Symposion is a cultural center that hosts a broad range of activities and performances inspired by the nine muses of the arts. Symposion is owned and operated by Argy Kakissis (Managing Director) and Yannis Pantazis (Musical Director/Musician/Instrument Artisan), who envision an immersive experience of music, art and mythology for their guests.

Symposion's programming is influenced by Greek mythology's timeless relevance to life as it is lived today. Symposion offers guests a unique experience through interactive tours, workshops, vintage instrument exhibitions, and original performances. Symposion’s programming caters to adults and children, the local community, and global travellers alike.

Symposion's architecturally unique premises in Megalochori, built at the turn of the last century by the master artisan and winemaker Zorzis Ioannis Saliveros, once housed his winemaking facilities and his livestock. Megalochori is a settlement that dates back to the 17th century and its historic homes and traditional character have been lovingly preserved. Symposion has been renovated with careful attention to the unique character of the buildings, their place within village life and within the island’s storied history.

Symposion Map of Premises

Homeric Wine Cafe + Mythological Botanical Garden


Saliveros Performance Chamber/ Photography



Reception + Art Shop

Artisan's Workshop/Instrument Exhibition

Cave of Polyphemus (Coming Soon)




Megalochori was established in the 17th century and is one of Santorini's most traditional villages. Its name, which means "Big Village," has two possible origins. It may have come from its large vineyards with their distinct varietals, or from its 19th and 20th century inhabitants, who included prominent intellectual and ecclesiastical figures. Megalochori is now noted for its preservation of local customs, including marriage festivities and saint's day celebrations, as well its sense of local community spirit and strong familial ties. In recent years, a number of small enterprises have found a home in Megalochori. Today, they strive to keep the spirit of tradition flourishing in Santorini's heartland.

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