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Symposion comes from the Greek word sympinein - ‘to drink together.’

We drink together to discover our individual and collective identities, our present and our past.

Why music? Why mythology?

Both music and mythology exist on two plains. The first in the present moment-ephemeral. The second in stasis - immortal. As Levi Strauss wrote, "It is as if music and mythology needed time only in order to deny it." The listener, immersed in the sounds of music and mythology, gains access to the eternal.​

Symposion is dedicated to preserving Greece's cultural heritage. Inspired by the nine muses of Greek mythology, Symposion is a cultural center housed in a turn of the century winery, offering an immersive experience of music, art and mythology to locals and to visitors from around the world in a boutique setting.

Explore our premises...
 Mythical Music Presentation
 + Historical Tour
Discover the history of the former winery and   participate in an interactive musical journey.
Learn to make your own ancient Greek pipe from local material.
Yiannis Pantazzis Performances

Evening Performances

Unique performances that highlight Greece's cultural heritage on a distinctive stage.
Homeric Wine Cafe
Muses Wine Cafe &
Mythological Botanical Garden
Savour rare varieties of wine from Greek antiquity and local delicacies in a tranquil setting. Discover plants and herbs from Greek mythology.
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