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THE JOURNEY OF ASKAVLOS The Journey of Askavlos (To taxidi tou askavlou) Greece-Germany, 2020, 88 mins, World Premiere Director/ Producer: Yorgos Arvanitis Cinematography: Zoe Dalaina, Markus Haaser Editor: Chronis Theocharis Following the ancient Greek bagpipe, The Journey of Askavlos takes the viewer on a journey from stone-built villages, where the instrument’s origins lie, to the concrete jungles of modern towns and cities. He becomes a witness to this revival and discovers a thing almost lost: the customs and an ethos of a people of another era, and an oral tradition that was once a way of life. The bagpipe is being assimilated by the contemporary music scene and is integrating with modern sounds, beyond the realm of traditional festivals, thereby gaining a younger audience and enjoying great resonance around Greece and worldwide.


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