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Thanasis Kleopas 

Thanasis Kleopas is a composer, singer, ancient lyre and guitar player with many performances around the word, such as Thailand, Japan, India, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
He combines traditional music with the ancient Greek lyre and tries to produce emotion-provoking music. He performed in the past in churches, schools with kids with special needs, museums, and even in fashion shows such as Dolce & Gabbana summer show in Milan.
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Stefanos Kleopas 

Stefanos Kleopas was born in 2000 and started playing the piano in the age of 7 studying classical music. He studied in the music school of Thessaloniki where he acquired a spherical perception for music.He continued his studies in in Athens learning jazz at the conservatories of Athenaum and Jazzart with Spiros Manesis. Lately he has been collaborating with his father, Thanasis Kleopas performing in Pelilti festival in April of 2023.

Title of the performance

A journey through time and space with Greek music from antiquity till today


The performance begins with the first song ever recorded : The epitaph of Seikilos. Then continues traveling In different regions of Greece and meeting their own traditional music, leading up to today where we will present you our own compositions. Primal melodies of the ancient lyre blend with the jazzy colours of the piano offering a unique experience.

Thanasis Kleopas: voice, ancient Greek lyre, guitar

Stefano's Kleopas: piano


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