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This petit sea drum mimics the sound of the sea as it laps against a pebbly coast. An enchanting sound object that never fails to make you smile.

Move the drum briskly and hear crashing ocean waves. Move it gently and be lulled by the hypnotic rhythm of a sweet summer night on the beach. You will not believe how real it sounds. Take a deep breath and enjoy your sacred space.

An indispensable tool for storytellers, yoga and meditation teachers and musicians. A wonderful gift for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, housewarming.

Slight variations in wood grain, hue and skin markings can be attributed to Mother Nature.

The drum body is made from locally harvested beechwood that I sand carefully by hand and treat with natural plant oils. The skins that are used on all the drums are made by specifications at a local tannery.

The sea sound is produced as tiny metal beads slide against the natural skins. To create an unceasing and tranquil sea soundscape, hold the drum with both hands in a horizontal position and keep the beads in continuous motion by gently moving your wrists. The sea drum can also be played by striking the skins with your hands, like a framedrum, or with a padded beater, like a shaman drum. A rich palette of sound!

This drum is not intended as a toy for toddlers or unsupervised children :)


* Ocean drums are custom-made by Klio Xirou for SYMPOSION.

Ocean Drum / Sea Drum

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