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Loudovikos from Anogeia will captivate the mind and soul, caressing our ears with the echo of heavenly melodies from the Angels' descent to Anogeia on their way to Earth.

A program with traditional verses, obituaries, mandinades, quotes from Erotokritos and Hadjidakis, but also his own songs.​

Marina Dakanali will accompany him on song and guitar.

Loudovikos from Anogeia
Georgios Dramoudanis (Anogeia Rethymnon, January 28, 1951), known mainly by the stage name Loudovikos from Anogeia, is a Greek composer and singer.​

He was born in Anogeia Rethymnon in Crete in 1951. His father's name is Vasilios Dramoudanis and his mother's name is Louloudia. He has five other brothers, Nikos, Manolis, Giannis, Mary and Dimitris. He studied economics at ASOEE, but did not graduate. In 1979, he met Manos Hadjidakis, who had come to Anogeia with ERT's THIRD PROGRAM for the music festivals that take place there every year, and who highlighted him.​

He is the artistic director of Hyacinthia, as President of the Association "Friends of Hyacinthia events. A look at the cultures of the Sacred Mountain of Ida". Hyacinthia are the cultural events that take place every year during July in Anogeia.​

Loudovikos from Anogeia is also a painter, having presented his works in personal exhibitions in Athens and Crete.​

He has received positive reviews for his unique style of songwriting.

Loudovikos from Anogeia | Song and Mandolin

Marina Dakanali | Song


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