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2022 marks the 10 year anniversary of our cultural center.

In 2012 our first performance started with our dear friend Thanasis Kleopas and this year together with Apostolos Proponis they will open the summer performance series at Symposion!


KLEOPAS SYNAPSYS, with Thanasis Kleopas and Apostolos Proponis, takes us on a time travel through Greek music from antiquity until today,  from the islands to the mountains.


Thanasis Kleopas

Kleopas is a self-taught Greek cosmopolitan musician. He has traveled, lived and played his compositions out of Greece in countries such as Thailand , India, Japan, France, Germany, Holland, Cyprus...

He is a composer as well as a singer and he plays the Apollon's ancient Greek lyre ,the guitar and the bouzouki. Listening to Kleopas' melodies one can understand his Greek origins as well as his deep love for world music.


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