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From Traditional Melodies to open heart-full Improvisations

The World Jazz vocalist and performer Aggeliki Toubanaki and  virtuoso accordionist Thanos Stavridis present the multi-collective project "Crossovers": from tradition to modern form.

An explosive musical program; Balkan tunes, Mediterranean and Anatolian melodies mixed with contemporary harmony, crossover improvisations and vocals. A multidimensional sound environment with landmark songs of the Greek and international music scene.

The two musicians cross sounds, tell the stories in a unique interpretive way, generously testifying their passion for improvisation and make us part of their spontaneous musical play.

"Crossovers" is an open musical "hug", a wild celebration of emotions, a journey through time, places and the magical pulse of the world's musical traditions!

Aggeliki Toubanaki  (PhD) Vocalist, performer, producer, sound experimentalist, voice teacher


Aggeliki Toubanaki considers the human voice to be the most expressive and the richest in terms of musical nuances instrument. Using voice, she improvises, she experiments, she expresses herself and communicates, having a strong belief in artistic expression that lies beyond musical borders and social norms. 

Alongside her musical studies she completed a long cycle of scientific research – she has been awarded a PhD (Distinction) in Cellular Biology by the Medical School of the University of Athens. The deeper relationship between science and art is what she considers to be her basic pillar of inspiration and expression, and hence semantically an experimentally explores the potentials of the human voice through improvisation, through artistic expression and through the interdisciplinary route.


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