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The tsabouna has two short cane chanters of equal length, placed in parallel position so they can be played as one, and tuned in unison. Fingerholes may be the same on both chanters (5+5) or not (5+3, 5+1). The two chanters are fastened into a wooden or cane yoke ending in a bell, usually made of cow horn. Fastened to the upper end of the chanters, and hidden inside the bag, are two single-blade reeds.

The bag has two openings. One holds the mouthpiece (blowpipe), and the other the yoke. The air travels from the player's mouth to the bag through the mouthpiece, then passes through the reeds' blades, causing them to vibrate and thus to sound.


Available in the following keys: G, G#


Inform us if you're right-handed or left-handed.


Sound Sample

Tsabouna / Greek Bagpipe

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