Doubi or Doubaki, is a small drum with sound of indefinite tuning pitch, which is played on the islands. Generally, it is made with the same material as the typical drum, in different sizes, sometimes with bigger diameter of the two bases in comparison with the height (the distance between the two leather surfaces). When constructing doubi, craftsmen stretch the leather skin on the two cycle bases, either by the regular way, i.e. with the rope, or by hammering it down on the cylindrical framework. Also, on the two leather surfaces there are always stretching, diametrically, on the outside or inside, two intestinal strings. It is usually played with at least one melodic instrument. In the islands it is mainly played with tsabouna and lyre.


It is made of wood and goat skin.

Doubaki / Cycladic Drum


Open Tuesday - Sunday

March - October

Free Admission

Megalochori Village

Santorini, Greece

T. +30 22860 85374

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