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On July 31 & August 1, 2021, George Xylouris (vocals & cretan lyre) and Yiannis Polychronakis (double bass) played in the garden courtyard.

George Xylouris, or "Psarogiorgis" as he is called in Crete, always manages to combine in a perfectly harmonious and elegant way the strict and simple sound of the Cretan tradition with some select of modern elements, which emphasize the free "flight" of the imagination.

This rare combination emerges through his deeply experienced relationship with Cretan music that begins in his childhood in his village, Anogia, and through a rich experience in collaborations with musicians from other related traditions as well as its artists from the contemporary music scene.

In the program he will play at SYMPOSION he will present traditional pieces, his own compositions and improvisations in order to introduce his listeners to a dimension of Cretan music that is beyond and far from the usual folklore references, in a much wider field of timeless archetypes and authentic expression.

Giannis Polychronakis (double bass) will accompany him, one of the most open and innovative musicians of today's Crete.


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