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2024 Program 

Performances at Symposion utilise the versatility of the space and host composer, instrument artisan and musician, Yannis Pantazis, who performs on a distinctive traverse stage.
Limited availability. Tickets can be preferably booked online or at the door.
No admission please after doors close - Thank you for your courtesy.


Historical Tour + Musical Presentation

The tour explores the history and singular architecture of the former winery. The musical presentation creates an innovative, interactive musical journey using mythological narration and fifteen hand-crafted wind and string instruments.

Tuesday through Sunday 12:00-12:45 and 16:00-16:45

From  March 12 -

Adult - €10 | Youth - €7 (Age 6-13)



Participants spend an hour in the workshop of the master instrument artisan building their own ancient Greek pipe from local cane and learning of the instrument’s historical significance.


Daily Tuesday through Sunday 

( Duration 1 hour- Max 10 participants,  Reservations Only) 

Send us an email at

with your day/time preference and we will accommodate your request upon availability.  
Adult - €20 | Youth - €15 (Age 6-13)

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