April 8 through October 30


Would you like to experience music and mythology's power to unite people from around the globe?


Symposion's activities utilize the wonderful versatility of the turn of the century Santorini winery - the Saliveros Performance Chamber, Artisan's Workshop, and atmospheric Garden Courtyard, each with its own creative spirit. We offer interactive tours, hands-on workshops and a philosophical take on a wine-tasting, as well as a celebrated evening performance series.

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C L I C K      P H O T O     F O R     V I D E O


Mythical Music Presentation
Historical Tour

The music presentation creates an innovative, interactive musical journey using mythological narration and fifteen hand-crafted wind and string instruments.


The tour explores the history and singular architecture of the former winery.

Daily Tuesday through Sunday

April 8 - October 30, 2022

12:00 - 13:00 

Adult - €12 | Youth - €10 (Age 8 - 13)

Not recommended for under 8



Limited Seating

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Participants spend an hour in the workshop of the master artisan building their own ancient Greek pan pipe from local cane and learning of the instrument’s historical significance.


Daily Tuesday through Sunday 


April 8 - October 30, 2022

Adult - €20 | Youth - €15 (Age 6 - 13)

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Wine Philosophy

Wine was integral to the symposia of Greece. Symposion delves into the reasons behind wine’s creation and the part it played in the creative arts of the symposia, with a historical and philosophical take on wine - tasting.  A flight of four indigenous varietals from distinct Greek terroirs, decanted in prehistoric style vessels and served in clay cups with a traditional side plate.

Daily Tuesday through Sunday 


April 8 - October 30, 2022


Available upon request



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